K. Hoefler Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Kelvin Hoefler Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Brazilian professional street skateboarder K. Hoefler was born on February 10, 1994. At the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. He competed in the first-ever men’s street skateboarding event and came away with the silver medal.

At the young age of eight, K. Hoefler took up skating in his hometown of Guarujá, in the Brazilian state of So Paulo. He decided to make a career out of skateboarding after early success in competition. The year 2011 marked his first year as a working professional.

Kelvin Hoefler Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

K. Hoefler is widely regarded as one of the best street skateboarders of all time, a position he earned during a meteoric rise to prominence in the 2010s. He’s a skateboarding superstar, having won gold at the Olympics, the World Championships, and the X Games.

Japan’s Own Wins First Skateboarding Medal At Tokyo Olympics

Yuto Horigome, at age 22, won the first-ever Olympic Gold medal for skateboarding in the neighbourhood where he grew up skateboarding. Horigome soared over ramps and rails with ease and flipped his skateboard effortlessly in the air during the street skate competition.

A “nollie 270 noseslide” was the fourth trick he landed in the final, and it was the hardest of the bunch. Shortly after launching, he nosed his board and slid it down the rail. Horigome won his prize in a city where skateboarding is still seen as a subversive activity, despite the fact that he now resides in Los Angeles.

There are “No Skateboarding” signs all across Tokyo. The street and park training that Horigome did to prepare for the Olympics paid off, he told reporters afterward.

The Olympic Gold is the Culmination of a Long Process

Horigome has been widely recognised as the best street skater in the world for quite some time, and winning an Olympic gold medal is the icing on the cake. Three times in 2018 and once at the X Games in 2019 he earned the World Skate League’s top prize.

Since Eaton fell on his final trick, he had to settle for third place. The American superstar struggled throughout the championship. Three out of his five efforts at the trick fell flat, and he had to settle for a 0 as one of his top four scores.


Gold medalist skateboarder Yuto Horigome made history with his achievement. The Japanese man won the men’s street competition with a score of 37.18, putting him ahead of the other competitors.

The silver medalist was K. Hoefler, and the bronze medalist was Jagger Eaton. Skateboarding is an Olympic sport for the first time this year.

This Saturday’s race will go down in history as a milestone for the sport and for the twenty finalists who battled it out in Tokyo.


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