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Dana White is an American businessman and sports advertiser who has total assets of $500 million. Dana White is most popular for being the current President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a blended combative techniques association.

At the point when UFC offered to William Morris Endeavor (WME) in 2016, Dana possessed 9% of the organization. He had recently offered the lion’s share to the Fertitta siblings.

After-tax and perceptual charges, Dana’s 9% cut from the deal was around $360 million. Since, becoming the president of UFC, White has processed and managed this organization to get stable from the unfledged and made it gargantuan with a value over billions. Although white has never participated in the official ring he did play boxing in his past.


White started his career in boxing (not playing) by managing Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. Later, he met Bob Meyrowitz, who was the owner of Semaphore Entertainment Group, UFC was the derivative organization of this group.

White got a chance to boost his career when he came to know that Meyrowitz was planning to sell UFC, he made a decision to take this chance as an opportunity so he contacted his childhood friend Lorenzo Fertitta the co-founder of “Station Casinos” and the former commissioner of “Nevada State Athletic Commission” in order to propose this idea that would he be interested in obtaining the UFC.

Later, In January 2001 Lorenzo with his older brother Frank Fertitta bought UFC for $2 million and because of this deal, White got the position of president in UFC.

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Early Life

White’s full name is ‘Dana Frederick White Jr. He was born in Manchester, Connecticut, US on July 28, 1969. His parents were June White(Mother) and Dana White(Father). Dana has one sister named Kelly. White belongs to Irish American background. He started playing boxing when he was 17; he graduated from Hermon High School in Maine in 1987.

After dropping out of college Dana started working as a boxing coach. Dana was always been a huge fan of sports especially boxing and baseball too. There’s one incident also that White mentioned by himself about leaving Boston and coming to Las Vegas; he said he was threatened by a mobster to whom he owes some money and they said “You Owe Us Money”; by hearing this White got scared and then decided to leave Boston.

Personal Life

White got married in 1996, his wife’s name is Anne. They have three children Aidan and Dana iii (sons) and one daughter Savannah. Being a celebrity personality Dana keeps his life and family private and keeps them away from the spotlight. Reportedly, after getting success by becoming the president of UFC, White turned his back on his parents and friends White’s mother June released the book named “Dana White, King of MMA:

An Unauthorized biography” in which she claimed this incident of Dana’s turning his back on them and likewise from his companions who were there when Dana was not steady in his life and required support. Dana was also active in political activities; he gave a speech at the 2016 “Republican National Convention” in Cleveland, Ohio; where he supported Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Net Worth

White stands as one among several high valued businessmen of the US with a total worth of around $500 million, being a president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

He managed to hike his net capital to huge; White has a chain of giant mansions, he purchased a manor house in Pine Island Court, Las Vegas in 2006 from Frank Fertitta III for $1.95 million, along with that White also bought three more large mansions in the same region in Las Vegas, for this consecutive purchases White spent the whooping amount of approximately, $6.2 million.

Although, with this chain of residences; White was planning to build a giant mansion for his family. On the other hand, while living and spending his money on luxury life White has also done a lot of charity, reportedly of around $1.3 million.

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White’s friends played a vital role in making him one of the successful businessmen of the US and with all of the support White managed to get stable and got a kickstart for becoming a stable personality. He then kept on grinding and utilized all his opportunities and because of his work ethics and persistenc.

He managed to make a derivative organization (UFC), a full-fledge world-leading organization in combat sports, under his presidentship UFC got renowned in the whole world which made it a multibillion-dollar company and added multimillions in White’s chest.

Furthermore, White has also accomplished several awards in his career which include “Nevada Sportsman of the Year” in 2009, the World MMA award of “Leading Man of the Year” and the “Patriot” award from Armed Forces Foundation.


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