Tom Brady Net Worth


Tom Brady is an American footballer in the team of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He played on the position of quarterback player and command other players.

Tom Brady and his wife Giselle Bundchen together own worth of $650 million. Brady has participated in the American football league Super Nine Bowls with the Patriots. He smoothly managed to win six games. Brady is most famous for winning three NFL MVP awards besides four Super Nine Bowl awards.

Brady took a life-changing decision for himself in 2020 to play for Tampa Buccaneers. He made a contract for about 50 million dollars with the Bucs. If he gets successful in pacing up his career-high enough he may get extra 9 million dollars as incentives.

Early Life

Galynn Brady gave birth to her and Thomas Brady’s son and today football beast Tom Brady on August 3, 1997. Tom was born in San Mateo, California. He was raised as a catholic child with his other three siblings Nancy, Julie, and Maureen. Brady completed his graduation from San Mateo’s Junipero Sera High School in 1995. Later, in the University of Michigan, he started playing football.

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For first two years in college he was a quarterback player (one who commands everybody else in team). ” Most pass and attempt in a season” was the premium record he set in his prime years of college. Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots with 199th pick in round 2000.


In the amazing history of the NFL Tom Brady will always be considered one of the “Stealer” in this football-loving era. He is the only one to win the “Super Bowl” in the first season as a starter. Brady has led Patriots to more division titled them any other quarterback in the NFL history.

Tom Brady got kicked out in 2016 for first four season in Super Nine Bowl. It is believed that he was somehow involved in the 2016 football tampering scandal. They were lucky enough and won two matches out of three. The most shocking news he ever delivered to his fans in 2020 was his decision of moving from the New England Patriots to the Tampa Buccaneers.

Brady signed one of the most talked contracts of the year 2020 with Tampa Bucs of about 50 million dollars. According to his contract, he will earn a salary of huge 15 million dollars. He will also get extra 20 million dollars on every year. After hitting huge success in his career he can earn additional 60 million dollars.

Personal Life

Brady and Bridget Moynahan started a scandal of dating which was even true. They almost dated from 204 until late 2006. During an exclusive interview with People’s magazine, the actress confirmed her more than three-month pregnancy with Brady’s child. In December 2006, they put a full stop in their romantic chemistry, and on August 2007 John Edward Thomas Myonah came in their lives.

Brady lived his bachelor life until he met Gisele Bundchen in December 26. They confirmed that their first date was set up by one of their close and mutual friend. They both tie knots with each other in Costa Rica in 2009.

Net Worth

Tom Brady earns 30 million dollars in a year. During his early career with The patriots he used to make his huge salary of 250 million dollars. In the same time, he earned about $100 million from endorsements.

Brady will earn about $280 million at the end of his contract with Tampa Bay he will even get endorsements of about $140 million. He will be the owner of 140 million dollars by the end of his football era.

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Real Estate

Tom and Giselle sold their house in 2020. Their house was built as per their requirements in Brooklyn and was sold out for 40 million dollars.Tom and Giselle spent 9 million dollars on a plot in LA, Brentwood. They invested 19 million dollars to built their house on that land but, just lived for a year in their new home. In 2009 they met Dr. Dre and sold their property for about 40 million dollars.

Later, they invested a 12-story building in New York. They again sold that building in December 2020 for $40 million. However, they still own a small unit in that building.


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