Vince McMahon Net Worth


Vince McMahon born on 24 August 1945 is an American professional wrestler who is also a promoter, a commentator, and a film producer, better known as the CEO of the famous WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment.

Vince McMahon Net Worth

Vince McMahon throughout his illustrious career in wrestling and in various other activities has gathered a net worth of $1.6 billion. A major part of his wealth comes from his role in being the CEO of the legendary wrestling games WWE.

Early Life

Vince McMahon was born in Pinehurst, North Carolina in the United States. He is the youngest son of Victoria and Vincent James McMahon. He shares the same first name as his father and has Kennedy as his middle name.

His parents separated when he was an infant and he did not become acquainted with his father until he was 12 years old. His elder brother Rod lived with their father so he did not have acquaintance with him either. Vince went to live with his mother who had quite a few times during the course of life, leading to Vince having many stepfathers.

One of his stepfathers Leo Lupton was an abuser and used to repeatedly physically assault his mother. This had a huge impact on him, to the point that he wanted to kill him himself. He had openly stated that he was disappointed that Leo died but not by his own hands.

Vince received his school education from Fishburne Military School in Virginia and graduated in 1964. He then studied Business in college and graduated from East Carolina University in 1968. He also had difficulty in his childhood owing to dyslexia, but he overcame this obstacle.


McMahon’s career began in 1971 when he was assisting his father in arranging and promoting a small wrestling show. He was put in as the in-ring announcer of All-Star Wrestling and soon was given the position of go-to play-by-play commentator. His popularity rose and he stayed in the position till 1997.

His success brought in a lot of fame and wealth which helped to get triple the TV syndication. With the death of his father in 1984, Vince along with the support his wife Linda McMahon began looking after the company that his father established named World Wide Wrestling Federation. Hulk Hogan was appointed as the face of the company by Vince, which was a brilliant move on his part.

He then revamped the wrestling scene by bringing in the concepts of the storyline and pre-choreographed matches that changed the wrestling scenario and named it Rock & Wrestling Connection. This innovation increased the reach of professional wrestling and brought attention of those people too who did not pay know or paid attention to professional wrestling. He followed this up with WrestleMania and other out-of-the box promotions.

It was Vince McMahon who changed the name of World Wide Wrestling Federation to World Wrestling Federation(WWF), the name that it holds till the present day. His innovations and contributions have made the WWF into a multi-billion-dollar business.He has also made appearances in the ring and has competed in various challenges like WWF Championship and the ECW World Championship.

Personal Life

Vince McMahon is married to Linda McMahon. The lovebirds had met in their teenage years and tied the knot on 26 August 1966. The couple is blessed with two children, one daughter and one son named Stephanie and Shane. Both the children have had their fair share in the world of wrestling, both on and off screen. The couple has 3 grandsons from their son, and 3 granddaughters from their daughter.

He lives with his family in Greenwich, in Connecticut, not too far away from the WWE’s corporate headquarter being just 30 mins away in Stamford. This luxurious mansion is said to be worth $40 million. He is also the owner of another luxurious penthouse worth $12 million in Manhattan. Another of his prized possession is the sports yacht which he named as “Sexy Bitch”.

Vince McMahon was involved in a controversy when he faked his own death by recording himself entering a limousine which then exploded. This led to people speculating and assuming that he was dead. However, this was all part of a show.

This video was aired on television on 11 July 2007, and 14 days later, on 25 June 2005, he went on air to show that he was actually not dead and that he was very much alive. He also stated the reason for faking his death was to see what people thought of him and how they reacted. This was met with a lot of backlashes and even his daughter was accused of checking his will to see what she would inherit from his wealth.

How Many Shares of WWE Does Vince McMahon Own?

Vince McMahon being the third generation to be associated with the company, it is natural for him to hold a large percentage of the shares, and he surely does that. He owns 28.7 million shares of World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE)’s stocks. Class B shares that control about 80% of the WWE’s voting power is owned by him, and he also has 37% shares among the company’s total outstanding shares.

He had great luck when it came to dealing with his shares. He sold 3.2 million shares in 2017 which brought him a revenue of approximately $100 million. In 2019, he again sold another 3.2 million shares but this time with a revenue of a staggering $272 million. He invested these profits into XFL Football League and his wholly-owned subsidiary named Alpha Entertainment.


Vince McMahon is more popular for his role as the announcer in wrestling and his business ventures. He has skillfully re-invented and revamped the wrestling scene with his ideas and has brought professional wrestling to the world-front. He also has a lovely family to live with who have constantly supported him both professionally and personally.


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