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Lewis Carl Hamilton is one of the most successful Formula One Grand Prix racers ever. This British racer was born on the 7th of Jan, 1985. The winning records for him in F1 include a count of 7 championship trophies. In 2008, he became the first black person to win the F1 racer Championship. It is indeed the greatest motivation for all black racers.

Whenever he is away from the tension that overrules him in the racing world, he plays piano. He finds this hobby to be soothing. Read to know more about this star racer!

Early Life

When Lewis Hamilton was six years old, his father bought a remote-controlled car for his son. Alongside, he also bought him a go-kart. And that’s where Hamilton’s crush on racing started. At the age of 10, with less than two years of experience, he was named the youngest winner in the United Kingdom Karting Championship.

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The McLaren boss was the one who helped Hamilton to get professional support. Less than three years later, Hamilton began his racing career in F1 with the support of McLaren. He made his debut Formula One race with his team in 2007. Hamilton finished third in his first season. Just a year later, he won the championship.


Seven-time global champion, the king of sports in the past decade, the legendary Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, started his amazing journey into Formula One with McLaren in 2007. That particular year acted like an unprecedented rookie year for him. After working with McLaren for five years, he moved to Mercedes in 2013.

At this time, he won his second world championship in 2014. Consequently, he ruled like a king and remained unbeatable. Ultimately, he recorded consecutive wins and turned to be the owner of many records, including being the second highest Grand Prix-winning racer (53 wins).

He is considered one of the impressive and most fashionable racing icons in the history of Formula One. Since then, he holds the same name and fame. Still, he has been the leader of the F1 racing sport.

Personal Life

Hamilton’s mother, Carmen Rabalestier, is a white British woman. And, his father, Anthony Hamilton, is a black British immigrant from Granada. After his biological parents divorced at his age of 2, Lewis lived with his mother and half-sister for the next 10.years. After that, he began living with his father, stepmother Linda and half-brother Nicholas.

At this time, Lewis has established himself as a future racer. Since then, his father has worked multiple jobs to help Lewis climb the professional ladder and reach his dream destination. American rapper and singer Nicky Mina is expected to be his present girlfriend. The couple was seen together at New York Fashion Week.

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

Lewis Hamilton is the person with the most wins in the history of Formula One. With his net worth of 280 million US dollars, one could understand that his success on the track is weighed by the financial returns he receives. Working with Mercedes, Hamilton has got several agreements with brands including Monster Energy, Tommy Hilfiger, and others. Hamilton is the most commercialized racer in the F1 sport.

In 2020, he added Telecom Vodafone to his sponsorship portfolio. The British athlete is the top paid in his country, in the field of sports. Lewis Hamilton also gets ranked at the top of the list of Forbes. Wherein, Forbes mentioned him as one of the richest Formula One racers in 2018.

Real Estate

In 2019, Hamilton has his 57 million US dollars penthouse in New York. It is exactly in the location where celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Meg Ryan, Bella Hadid, and a few more live in. This 8,900-square-foot apartment is one of the largest penthouses.

Hamilton bought it for 43.9 million US dollars in 2017. He also owns a four-story, six-bedroom mansion in Kensington, which was built in 1860. The ancient building was valued at 25 million US dollars.

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Lewis Hamilton is a born athlete who was aided by his father initially, and then, by McLaren. It shows that only because of his father’s constant support, Lewis Hamilton can reach this greater height. Hoping the story of Lewis Hamilton would be an inspiration to all parents out there. Happy reading!


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