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Earvin Johnson Jr. also known as “Magic Johnson”, he’s a former professional basketball player and former president of the Los Angeles Lakers. Johnson has been called with various nicknames such as E.J. the Deejay, buck, Rawal and among all ‘Magic’ is the one which has now become his identity due to his exceptional and extraordinary playing ethic and styles.

In 1979, Johnson was chosen as the overall player by the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA draft) after winning the basketball championships in high school. Furthermore, he’s been considered within the top 50 greatest National Basketball Association(NBA) players. Magic has played as the point guard and center under various basketball clubs like Milwaukee Bucks, Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Seattle Supersonics, and Minnesota Timberwolves.

Early Life

Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. was born in Lansing, Michigan, US on August 14, 1959, he was from a humble background where his father Earvin Sr. was a worker at the general motor workshop and his mother Christine was a school janitor. Earvin was highly inspired and influenced by his parents by seeing their work ethic and by the history of playing basketball of them.

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In the period of his middle education in “Everett High school” he decided to pursue his future in basketball and joined the team of the school; After schooling, Magic continued his education at Michigan State University wherein 1979, in the progress of his carrier in basketball; Magic led his university team to the NCAA finals.

Personal Life

Before getting married to Earlitha Kelly (often known as Earlitha ”Cookie” Kelly) in 1991, Magic had a son before his marriage with Kelly named Andre Johnson from Melissa Mitchel; but after they parted ways Andre was raised by his mother Melissa but his connection and relation with Magic were well and good.

They used to spend time together in summer his vacations and afterward Andre worked as a marketing director in Magic Johnson Enterprises. However, Johnson has another son from Earlitha named Earvin III(EJ) in 1992 (he is openly gay). Later in 1995, Magic and Earlitha adopted their daughter Elisa.

NBA Career

Magic’s NBA career got a kickstart after he led his university basketball team to the NCAA finals in 1979 and gave an extraordinary performance and was totally a show stealer of that match, after that Magic was selected as the first overall player of 1979 draft of NBA chosen by The Los Angeles Lakers.

In his initial matches of the rookie season he teamed up with Kareem Abdul Jabbar and they together lead the team to the NBA finals where he was named as the MVP of NBA finals after this also the Magic’s legacy of being a show stopper continued He was the three-times NBA finals MVP and later he was three times the most valuable player of NBA. In Magic’s NBA career his rivalry with Larry Bird was the most heated one in the whole NBA.

Net Worth

Being a former American basketball player and a successful businessman Magic’s net worth stands around $600 million. Apart from being a star sportsman in his playing days and earning a capital of around $18 million solely from playing; Magic adds several million more to his chest from brands and endorsements making his overall career salary over $40 million.

On the other hand, Magic’s investment firm has assets and holdings of around $1 billion. Moreover, Magic’s chain of movie theatres and restaurants are the other vital sources of his massive net worth and one of the prime aspects of rapid growth in his capital.

Real Estate

Magic has a passive source of income from his business and high-income capital from his basketball career which made him a high-value market man. Now, Magic holds several chains of villas and houses diversified in various cities. Johnson and his wife Earlitha own a home in Beverly Hills in the gated area known as Beverly Park.

The couple likewise possesses a Tuscan style seashore house in Dana Point in Orange County, California. Johnson and his family live in a seashore house in Dana Point. Moreover, Johnson and his wife also have a beach house in the south of Beverly hills.

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Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. truly stands on his title “Magic” as because he was really a miracle along with his powerful will of professionalism and love towards basketball makes him one of the finest and the greatest players of all time in the whole history of NBA.

Magic’s legacy of basketball started since the time he led his university team to the NCAA and later got selected as the first overall player in the NBA draft and then got awarded with numerous valuable titles and awards like NBA’s most valuable player, MVP of NBA finals and that too not only once but the number of times.


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