What Are The Horns During Olympic Swimming

Why is There an Air Horn During Olympic Swimming

Since Covid-19 prevents spectators from entering the Tokyo Aquatics Centre, the media from around the world watch the games from a grandstand on one side of the pool. While athletes from around the world cheer on their countrymen and women from the other side.

What Are The Horns During Olympic Swimming

Why is There an Air Horn During Olympic Swimming

The most annoying sound in Tokyo is definitely not the result of journalists tooting their own horns. An excessive amount of horn tooting can be heard from some athletes rooting for their teammates. The vuvuzela may have started out as a joke, but by the end of the World Cup eleven years ago, everyone was pleading for them to be banned forever.

In Tokyo, the horns are moving in unison. At the Aquatics Centre, there are designated sections for each country’s cheering section. The constant movement of these bays means that different countries have a different view of the crime from day to day. Making it difficult to identify the offenders, who were eventually caught red-handed with their hands on their horns.

What’s up with the Air Horns at the Olympic Swimming Competition?

Toyko hosted the first day of the Olympic swimming competition on July 24. American swimmers swept the first five gold medals. However, many viewers took to Reddit to vent their frustration at having their viewing experience disrupted by a series of loud honking noises.

Someone else is hearing it and talking about it, the user said, which is a relief. “My TV isn’t the best, and I often have trouble with the sound. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. That was the most relentlessly annoying noise I’ve ever encountered. Involving people of various ethnicities. In every single day.”


The only time most spectators will whistle, cheer, or toot their horn is when their swimmer is actually taking a breath. When everyone in the pool is breathing at their own pace, it can sound a bit chaotic. Of course, you can always go swimming!

Every time we hear the horns at a race, we’re taken back to South Africa’s 2010 World Cup, where vuvuzelas were a common sound. Whether you liked them or not, you couldn’t deny their volume. Thanks for reading our article What Are The Horns During Olympic Swimming.


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