Why is Mykayla Skinner Wearing a Red Leotard


On the first night of women’s gymnastics competition at the Olympics, as predicted (and despite a few stumbles), superstar Simone Biles topped all competitors as an individual qualifier.

Biles was surprised to see gymnasts in both blue and red leotards waiting for her when she got back to her team’s corner.

Why is Mykayla Skinner Wearing a Red Leotard

In the end, many viewers were left wondering why the United States team didn’t win.

As it happens, the solution is straightforward. Only four gymnasts are wearing full team uniforms and competing for a team medal.

The other two Americans are competing only for individual medals. Before Sunday night’s prime-time broadcast, NBC introduced the “core four” players.

Biles’s squad also includes Suni Lee, Jordan Chiles, and Grace McCallum, all of whom are vying for a gold medal as a member of the team. The blue uniforms were spotted on those athletes.

Why is Mykayla Skinner Wearing a Red Leotard

Both red-clad athletes, Jade Carey and MyKayla Skinner, have earned spots in the Olympics as individual competitors.

Due to her outstanding performance on Sunday, Cary almost won the right to compete for the United States in the individual all-around competition instead of Lee.

In the coming days, she will compete for individual medals in the vault and floor exercises.

But neither she nor Skinner will be able to help Team USA earn points in the team competition for the chance at individual medals.

As a member of Biles’ gold-medal winning team in Rio, Laurie Hernandez confirmed the uniform rationale on Twitter.

Tokyo Olympics: Why Are US Team Gymnasts Wearing Different Colours Leotards?

When the United States gymnastics team competed in the qualifying round for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, viewers immediately picked up on a change in their routine.

Some gymnasts wore leotards of one colour, while others wore leotards of another. Biles, Lee, Jordan Chiles, and Grace McCallum wore blue leotards.

While Carey and MyKayla Skinner wore red ones, creating a clear division between the two teams.

Former Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez, who is commenting for NBC in Tokyo, has stated that the blue leotards will be worn by those competing in the team events.

While the red leotards will be worn by those competing in the individual events. As soon as a fan tagged her in a post asking the same thing, she responded.


MyKayla Skinner brought back more than just a silver medal from the Olympics in Tokyo.

The gymnast, who competed as part of Team USA, uploaded a video to YouTube on August 20.

In which she modelled the many stunning leotards that she was given to wear at the competition.

She walked fans through her entire collection of twenty (yes, twenty) competition leos and training tanks because they had asked her to. Thanks for reading our article Why is Mykayla Skinner Wearing a Red Leotard.


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