Why Do People Not Like Shaun White

Why Do People Not Like Shaun White

Shaun White’s star status in the snowboarding world had already skyrocketed by the time he turned 11.

Even at a young age, he was able to perform feats that many grownups would find impossiblend.

He hasn’t slowed down a bit since he first showed off his insane repertoire of tricks at the 2010 Olympics.

Why Do People Not Like Shaun White

Everything that isn’t “keeping it local” or “sticking it to the man” is exemplified by Shaun White.

He has had famous people like Tony Hawk as mentors, signed massive sponsorship deals with companies like Burton, and made $9 million in endorsements and sponsorships in 2008.

He’s so successful that he has a clothing line at Target.

Why Do People Not Like Shaun White?

If you aren’t a die-hard snowboarder, you might be surprised to learn that Shaun White is widely adored and despised by snowboarders alike.

Why do people dislike him so much? Those are Shaun White’s early years, when he was just 11 years old.

One of the reasons for the animosity is his incredible talent and rapid development from a young age.

For a fuller picture, it helps to have some familiarity with the history of snowboarding’s origins.

Shaun White Mostly Operated as Lone Wolf

In the snow and skate communities, Shaun White does not have many defenders.

He has always gone his own way, and he rarely expresses gratitude toward his job or his fellow boarders.

As a result of his poor sportsmanship, Shaun has earned the ire of many of his fellow snowboarders.

He sold out to big businesses (Target, HP, etc.) that didn’t care about the sport’s reputation.

For training purposes, he constructs private half-pipes and bag jumps, but he doesn’t let other riders use them.

Unfortunately, I have run into Shaun on more than one occasion.

No one likes Grenade, but everyone acknowledges his talent; we worked together at Danny and the Dingo and a few other board companies.

Shaun White 2.0: Snowboarding’s Clean-Cut Overlord Picks Business over Buddies

There will be a lot more of two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White in the media leading up to the Games in Sochi.

The snowboarding superstar is now 27, but he has a new look that you may have noticed.

White is making an impression of maturity and professionalism with his shockingly short haircut, confident demeanour, and streamlined sponsorship portfolio.

However, despite the apparent departure from the unbuttoned, wild-haired partygoer image of previous Olympics, this new look is actually quite fitting.

Since he was a 19-year-old prodigy dominating the 2006 Olympics, White has obviously progressed a great deal.


He has risen to fame and become a cultural and sports icon.

He has won both the summer and winter X Games and now has his own Target line and an upcoming prime-time special on NBC.

Like all legendary athletes, he is never content, but he has already accomplished more in his life than the vast majority of people ever will.


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