Shot Put Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Shot Put Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On August 3, 4, and 5, 2021, men competed in the shot put competition at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan’s National Stadium.

There were 31 athletes representing 22 countries. To my knowledge, this is the first time that the winners of the gold, silver, and bronze medals.

In the same individual Olympic event have all been the same people in consecutive Olympics.

Shot Put Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Shot Put Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

There have been 12 different athletic competitions that have appeared at every Summer Olympics, making this one of them.

Ryan Crouser smashed the previous world record by 25 centimetres, which had stood for 29 years, at the US Trials.

He had previously won an Olympic gold medal and was currently the defending champion.

However, at the 2019 World Championships, the entire podium from Rio competed again, and silver medalist Joe Kovacs defeated Crouser.

Crouser and the 2017 champion, Thomas Walsh, both won bronze medals at the same championships.

The 2019 competition resulted in Kovacs and Walsh’s marks ranking fourth and sixth all time, respectively.

Additionally, Darlan Romani (#11), Micha Haratyk (#17), Konrad Bukowiecki (#19), Bob Bertemes (#21), and Tomas Stank (#25) were all participating.

The sport of men’s shot put was introduced to Bahrain. The United States has now participated in 28 Olympic Games, the most of any country.

USA’s Ryan Crouser Sets Olympic Shot Put Record And Wins Gold Again

Once again, American Ryan Crouser has won a gold medal. He won the men’s shot put title at the Olympics for the second time, matching his performance from the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In doing so, he also established a new Olympic record. Never even once. Not even once. However, this occurs thrice.

The big guy really showed out on that hot day in the Olympic stadium.

Over the course of six throws, the 6-foot-7-inch, 320-pound Crouser set three new Olympic records. Furthermore, he saved the best for last.

Tokyo Olympics 2020: Gong Lijiao Wins Gold in Women’s Shot Put

Gong Lijiao of China threw a personal best of 20.58 metres to win the women’s shot put on Sunday at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.

She was followed by Raven Saunders of the United States, who won silver, and Valerie Adams, of New Zealand, who won bronze.

Gong arrived in Tokyo undefeated and in top form, having won the 2017 and 2019 World Athletics Championships.

She went on to win gold at the 2019 Olympic Games, her fourth Olympic competition.


Gold, silver, and bronze medal performances from the 2016 Summer Olympics were repeated by Americans Ryan Crouser and Joe Kovacs and New Zealander Tom Walsh, respectively.

Three men joined Crouser as the only men in history to win the shot put event four times, bringing the total number of medal winners to 15. Thanks for reading our article Shot Put Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.


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