Naomi Osaka’s Loss Gives Tokyo Its Latest Olympic Setback

Naomi Osaka’s Loss Gives Tokyo Its Latest Olympic Setback

Many Japanese photographers lined the court at Ariake Tennis Park to capture the moment, and the loss surprised the sparse crowd.

After the first-round exit of the defending champion Ashleigh Barty and the second-round losses of several other top players, Osaka emerged as the odds-on favourite to win the title on home soil.

Naomi Osaka’s Loss Gives Tokyo Its Latest Olympic Setback

Following withdrawing from the French Open in a dispute with tournament management over whether she should have to attend mandatory news conferences after her matches.

Osaka was also looking for a chance at redemption. She left the stadium following Tuesday’s setback, only to return for a quick interview with the press.

Osaka’s initial match was originally scheduled for Saturday morning, but was postponed until Sunday since she lighted the Olympic cauldron late on Friday night. That meant Osaka was on the court for the third day in a row.

Extremely Disappointed, She Says

The Olympic flame was extinguished just four days after Osaka brought the nation to tears by running up a set resembling Mount Fuji at the National Stadium and lighting the Olympic cauldron.

Osaka, whose father is Haitian and who was born in Japan, has become a symbol of variety and tolerance in a country that has a checkered history of excluding and persecuting those who are different from the norm.

Osaka had previously wrote on Instagram that participating in the Olympics was “undoubtedly the biggest physical achievement and honour I will ever have in my life.”

Many Japanese people have expressed their sadness at the thought of Osaka not bringing home the gold because of how badly she wanted to represent her country.

Osaka has her ideals regarding her pride for Japan and playing for Japan, as well as her pride in her unique beginnings.

As the daughter of a Haitian father and a U.S. resident, said lawyer Atusko Nishiyama, who was beginning to worry that Osaka may be targeted for her defeat.


The setback at Ariake Tennis Park shocked the few spectators there, while a phalanx of Japanese photographers flanked the court.

After No. 1 Ashleigh Barty was eliminated in the first round and other top players were eliminated in the second round, Osaka emerged as a leading contender to win the tournament in her home country.

After withdrawing from Roland Garros amid a disagreement with tournament management over whether.

She should have to attend required news conferences after her matches, Osaka was also looking for a second chance.

After the loss on Tuesday, she went to the players’ lounge for a few minutes, then left the field before coming back for a quick interview.


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