Name a Sport Beginning With ‘T’

Name a Sport Beginning With 'T'

From our comprehensive list of over 800 sports, here are all those beginning with the letter ‘T’ Tennis is the most well-known sport beginning with the letter T.

But Table Tennis gets double the usual number of points. Both Twenty20 and Test Cricket can be considered T-sports. Seeking a T-Starting Sport? Golf is the obvious choice.

Name a Sport Beginning With 'T'

The word is four letters long and it all begins with the letter T. (a golf tee).

A large number of T Sports are available. Only the sports whose names begin with the letter ‘T’ are discussed briefly.

Name a Sport Beginning With ‘T’

After the 1924 Summer Olympics, tennis was removed from the schedule.

Because of disagreements between the International Lawn Tennis Federation and the International Olympic Committee on the definition of amateur players.

Despite having been a part of the Summer Olympic Games since their inception in 1896.

After making two demonstration appearances (with a U-21 age limit) in 1968 and 1984.

Beach volleyball became a full medal sport at the 1988 Summer Olympics open to all players regardless of age and status.

Gold Medalists in Tennis

The Williams sisters are the only athletes in history to win the same Olympic event three times.

Having done so by winning the doubles competition three times as a team (Serena and Venus Williams).

The most Olympic tennis medals ever won by a single athlete is five, shared by Venus Williams (four gold and one silver) and Kathleen McKane Godfree (one gold, two silvers, and two bronzes).

Andy Murray is the only athlete in singles history to win two gold medals and defend his Olympic crown.

Since the beginning of the Open Era in 1970, only Nicolás Mass (2004), Venus Williams (2000).

And Serena Williams (2012) have won the singles and same-sex doubles events at the same Olympic Games.

A Slew of Withdrawals Has Hit the Tennis Event At the Tokyo Olympics 2021

As a result of a “setback” with his knee, Roger Federer, who won silver in London four years ago, has decided not to compete in Rio.

One of the most successful Olympians of all time, Serena Williams, has also announced.

That she will not be attending the Tokyo Games because she does not want to be separated from her daughter Olympia.

Rafael Nadal, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, withdrew last month, citing the need to “listen to his body” following a demanding claycourt season.

Meanwhile, Dominic Thiem withdrew from the competition before he injured his wrist in Mallorca because of scheduling conflicts.


Since the first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896 until the eighth Olympic Games in Paris in 1924, tennis has been a featured event at the Olympic Games.

After a disagreement between the International Olympic Committee and the International Tennis Federation, the event was taken off the schedule. Thanks for reading our article Name a Sport Beginning With ‘T’.


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