J.J. Florence Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

John John Florence Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

American professional surfer J.J. Florence was born on October 18, 1992. When it comes to surfing in the pipe.

He is considered “one of the most dominant surfers of his period” and has won the World Surf League Men’s Championship Tour in consecutive years (2016 and 2017).

John John Florence Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

He is just one of five Hawaiian surfers to ever win consecutive world titles, and the first to do it since the late Andy Irons. J.J. Florence has earned a spot on the United States surfing team for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

J.J. Florence Olympic Life

J.J. Florence was the oldest of three siblings, including brothers Ivan and Nathan, and was born in Honolulu. The family settled in Haleiwa, where he grew up in a home overlooking the ocean near Banzai Pipeline.

His mother Alexandra, herself a surfer, was the one who first taught him how to ride the waves. J.J. Florence ‘s mother put him on a surfboard when he was just six months old, and by the time he was five, he was surfing confidently on his own.

In addition to those things, he also enjoys skating, snowboarding, and painting. He takes his name from John F. Kennedy, Jr., the president’s son, who was affectionately known as J.J. Florence by the press.

Hawaii Pro Surfer J.J. Florence Eliminated From Olympics

On Monday, the men’s Olympic surfing competition at Japan’s Tsurigakawa Beach reached its third round, and the surfers took to the air.

However, despite J.J. Florence, 28, of Hawaii, being a two-time world surfing champion, his hopes of winning a medal were dashed when he lost a heat to Kolohe Andino, 27, of the United States.

J.J. Florence Currently Ranked at Number 10 on the World Surf League championship

Andino, rated #38, missed all six events this season due to injury, but beat J.J. Florence in the heat with 14.83 points to 11.60. As J.J. Florence is presently ranked #10 on the World Surf League championship series after missing the last three events due to injury.

As of today, both the men’s and women’s divisions in the first-ever Olympic surfing event were slated to be completed. Andino, who qualified for the quarterfinals on Monday in Hawaii, will compete in the men’s semifinals on Tuesday in Japan.


The surfing community is divided. The ISA Surf Games, an often-overlooked international contest that is now compulsory for everyone competing in the Tokyo Olympics. Where surfing makes its debut, are currently underway in El Salvador, drawing many of the world’s greatest surfers to the Central American country.

Meanwhile, the months-long Australian leg of the World Surf League’s Championship Tour has concluded. Prompting widespread discussion about whether or not any surfer who is not Brazilian can still win the title at this stage in the season.


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