J. Wang Olympic Games 2020

Jackson Wang Olympic Games 2020

Chinese singer, record producer, fashion designer, and music video director J. Wang was born on March 28, 1994. He also serves as the creative director and head designer for the fashion label Team J. Wang Design and was the driving force behind the record label Team J. Wang.

J. Wang Olympic Games 2020

J. Wang, a native Hong Konger who joined the K-pop boy band Got7 under JYP Entertainment in 2014, first rose to prominence as a member of the group.

Jackson Wang Olympic Games 2020

After establishing Team J. Wang in 2017, he began releasing music under his own name in China and beyond that year. Mirrors, his first solo album, debuted at number 32 on the US Billboard 200 in 2019.

J. Wang’s Olympic Journey From an Athlete to a Promotional Artist is One for the Books

You may not know this, but J. Wang is also a former Olympic fencer in addition to being a singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, model, and CEO. The well-known singer did, in fact, compete in the Olympics as a young fencer.

He finished 11th at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, but instead of continuing to train for the main Olympics competition, he decided to pursue a career in music instead. In fact, wouldn’t you know it, he’s already at the Olympics. We believe this is his opportunity to complete the circle of his Olympic experience, albeit in the role of promoter.

Promotional videos for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 debuted on July 16; one of them features J. Wang . By following his dreams and doing what makes him happy, Jackson is not only making Hong Kong proud, but he is also encouraging many others to follow in his footsteps.

From Youth Olympics Athlete To Global Star: J. Wang Introduces Tokyo 2020 Olympics

As part of a marketing campaign for the Tokyo 2020 Games, J. Wang detailed the history of the Olympic Games. The member of GOT7 is well-known for his contributions to the fields of K-Pop, fashion, and hip-hop. But prior to that, Jackson was a talented young fencer.

Jackson grew up around sports and competition thanks to his parents, who were both athletes. Jackson fell in love with fencing at a young age and was already competing at the Olympic level by the time he turned sixteen.

He aspired to make it to the Olympics, so he travelled all over the world to compete in tournaments.


J. Wang was a medalist in fencing before he became famous. In a commercial for the Tokyo Olympics, he found his way back to the sport he once loved. A new Olympic cycle is about to begin in Tokyo. The promotional team for the multi-sport event enlisted GOT7’s J. Wang to recount the tournament’s history over the past century. Thanks for reading our article J. Wang Olympic Games 2020.


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