I. Deriglazova Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Inna Vasilyevna Deriglazova Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Russian foil fencer I. Deriglazova was born on March 10, 1990. I. Deriglazova has won the European Championships as both a team and an individual player thrice.

As well as the World Championships in both categories three times. I. Deriglazova has competed in the Olympics three times, winning the individual gold in 2016.

Inna Vasilyevna Deriglazova Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The team silver in 2012, and the team and individual silver in 2021 and 2021 respectively. Three Olympic Games have been attended by I. Deriglazova: 2012 in London, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, and 2020 in Tokyo.

I. Deriglazova Began Fencing at the Age of 8

When I. Deriglazova was eight years old, she took up fencing in her native Kurchatov. She studied under Ildar Mavlyutov. Even though she was somewhat small for her age, she quickly learned to hold her own against fencers twice her age.

After finishing third at the 2006 Cadet World Championships in Taebaek, she went on to win both the individual and team gold medals at the 2007 competition in Novi Sad. In the same year, at the Junior World Championships held in Prague, she won bronze. By 2008, she had won the Junior World Championship in Amsterdam.

Within a short time of winning the world championship, I. Deriglazova tied the knot and had a daughter named Diana. She took off one week of training to give birth and returned to the slopes two weeks later.

The Second Day of Fencing Competition at Tokyo Olympics 2020

On this, the second day of fencing competition at the Tokyo 2020 Games, the women’s individual foil and men’s individual épée tables will begin at 9am (local time).

IMakuhari Messe Hall B in Chiba Prefecture, followed by the quarterfinals. Both events’ semi-finals, as well as the medal rounds for bronze and gold, will take place in the evening session, which will begin at 18:00.


Almost all spectators have been barred from Olympic venues because Tokyo is staging the games during a state of emergency. Both the stadium and the normally palpable enthusiasm of the tournament are almost deserted.

Guards and helpers outnumber the hundreds of onlookers. Only members of the media, special guests, and team members are included. The shocking victory by France over Team USA, which hadn’t lost in the Olympics since Athens in 2004.

Had all the trappings of a professional basketball game, complete with the customary music, replays, and commentators.


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