How Long Do Volleyball Games Last

How Long Do Volleyball Games Last

Volleyball is an extremely physical game that calls for a lot of sprinting and aerial acrobatics.

The best way to get started in volleyball is to join a league that suits your skill level. Playing at a high level in volleyball is a significant time and energy commitment.

How Long Do Volleyball Games Last

How Long Do Volleyball Games Last

For the rest of this piece, we’ll talk about how long a volleyball game lasts and how points are scored.

Typically, athletes are allotted a set amount of time to rack up as many points as possible in a game.

The number of points scored by each team determines whether or not the game ends.

How Many Minutes in a Volleyball Game?

The duration of a single volleyball set is typically between 20 and 30 minutes.

Depending on how well the two teams match up against one another, a three set match can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

However, a best-of-three-or-five-sets match could last up to two and a half hours (150 minutes).

Younger players typically play in best 2-of-3 sets, while varsity high school and adult players favour best 3-of-5 sets.

The time it takes to complete a set depends on how many points are in it. Tiebreaker sets, which are typically played to 15 points, can be much shorter than sets that go the full 25.

It is sometimes necessary to play a volleyball game for less than 60 minutes. These kinds of contests typically take place in the group stage of a tournament.

How Many Points Needed to Win a Set?

I already mentioned that a set is decided by a margin of 25 points in my first answer. A minimum of 25 rallies won would be required.

However, a rule in volleyball is analogous to the deuce rule in tennis.

Under this regulation, a team must have a margin of victory of at least two points at or above the 25-point threshold in order to claim victory (i.e. 26-24).

When this rule is in effect, the maximum score is 30 points, so if the score is 30-29, the winning team would have to overcome a one-point deficit.

The required point total to claim victory may also vary depending on the match length. If the set goes to a tiebreaker, the winning score will be 15 points instead of 21.

In a best-of-three series, for instance, the team that wins the third game would be the first to reach 15 points.

The deuce rule, however, still stands, so a difference of at least two points must exist. The scoring limit is increased to 20 for the third and final set.


Volleyball matches have a reputation for being difficult to time accurately.

Unlike soccer, basketball, and football, where there are hard and fast rules regarding time.

There are many more ways to score and win in a lot of different types of games.

It’s not a bad thing that any player can win a volleyball game if they put in the effort to come back from a set or match point down.

And in fact, this makes for a more exciting and dynamic spectator sport. Thanks for reading our article How Long Do Volleyball Games Last.


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