G. Ribeiro Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Gustavo Pereira Ribeiro Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Skateboard prodigy G. Ribeiro [a] (born March 27, 2001) hails from Portugal. At the 2019 World Skateboarding Championship, he placed third in the street skateboarding category.

After G. Ribeiro ‘s uncle bought him a skateboard for Christmas when he was just four years old, he was hooked. Two years later, in addition to his twin brother G. Ribeiro he was sponsored by Bana, a local surf and skate shop.

G. Ribeiro Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Gustavo Pereira Ribeiro Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A few days later, they entered their first competition, which took place in Bana, and both of them placed in the top three: Gabriel first, G. Ribeiro third. The brothers kept pushing one another, and eventually they all travelled to Switzerland to take part in their first international competition.

While Gabriel took first, G. Ribeiro finished in third. Since then, they’ve entered competitions and devoted their lives to the sport. He began attending international events at the tender age of 14.

G. Ribeiro is still relatively young, yet he has already accomplished a lot professionally. When the athlete’s uncle gave him his first skateboard when he was five years old, he took to the sport with fervour.

For instance, he was the first Portuguese person to win the oldest amateur skaters’ championship, the fabled Tampa AM. He fulfilled a lifelong ambition by becoming the first Portuguese person to visit the SLS. But while skateboarding was only a pastime for G. Ribeiro until he was 17 (although a very serious one)

The following three years have been transformative, and he’s gone pro. Three years ago, he decided that skateboarding would take precedence over everything else in his life. He made a deal with his parents that if he won the world championship, he could skip out on school.


With a top run of 90.05 and a best trick score of 92.30, Portugal’s G. Ribeiro enters the men’s final feeling confident. His final score is 262.50. Competition Skateboarding Leagues. In Tokyo, skateboarding debuted at the Olympics for the first time, and Portugal sent a competitor who keeps improving and adding to his already impressive list of accomplishments.

Twenty-year-old G. Ribeiro recently placed eighth in Tokyo, earning an Olympic certificate despite competing with an injury. He then returned to the spotlight at the end of August, in the United States, where he won the first stage of the World Street Skateboarding League.


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