Does RJ Mitte Have Cerebral Palsy

Does RJ Mitte Have Cerebral Palsy

Actor RJ Mitte, who himself was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child, portrayed Walter “Flynn” White Jr., a young man with CP, on the critically acclaimed AMC series Breaking Bad.

Does RJ Mitte Have Cerebral Palsy

One in every 323 children in the United States has cerebral palsy, a condition characterised by impaired motor coordination, and Mitte.

As one of the few television actors with a visible disability, helped bring awareness to this issue.

Does RJ Mitte Have Cerebral Palsy

Mitte, in contrast to his on-screen persona, suffers from a less severe form of cerebral palsy and does not stutter or use crutches.

To be sure, the 22-year-old actor shares many of White’s medical and social difficulties.

Ray Frank Mitte Jr. and his wife Dyna adopted Mitte soon after he was born, and he was a healthy, content toddler who walked on his tiptoes.

His parents were warned that he would need a heel operation if he was still having trouble walking by the time he turned four.

‘Breaking Bad’ Star to Discuss How Cerebral Palsy Helped Shape His Career

A talk by RJ Mitte, the actor best known for his role as Walter “Flynn” White Jr. on “Breaking Bad,” will take place at noon on Wednesday, March 23, in the Compton Union Building Junior Ballroom.

Anyone on the Pullman campus is welcome to attend this free event. There will be no livestream of the presentation.

Educating About Disabilities

At the age of three, Mitte was given a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, prompting doctors to cast his legs for six months in an effort to correct the condition.

When he was younger, he needed leg braces and crutches to get around. Eventually, though, he was able to walk normally.

In 2006, Mitte relocated to Hollywood in search of acting roles that would allow him to raise awareness about his disability through his work.

‘Chip away’ at Our Biases

Jeffries explained that this year’s staffing constraints and competing priorities necessitated postponing the Access Center’s annual Disability Awareness Symposium.

So Mitte’s appearance will serve in its place.

He thinks the audience at Mitte’s talk will come to understand that everyone has unconscious biases that affect their judgement.


Millions of families around the world are impacted by cerebral palsy. This illness may be disabling, but it does not have to be used as a label for the person who suffers from it.

Take Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte, an actor and activist. 23-year-old Mitte has mild cerebral palsy, which has an impact on his mobility and coordination.

Mitte, an advocate for people with disabilities, is challenging preconceptions and opening up new opportunities for people with cerebral palsy. Thanks for reading our article Does RJ Mitte Have Cerebral Palsy.


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