C. Cummings JR Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Clarence Cummings Jr Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

C. Cummings JR (born June 6, 2000) is a weightlifter from the United States. He has won four Junior World Championships and one Pan American Championship in the 69 kilogramme weight class, which he competed in up until 2018.

At the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships, he lifted 73 kilogrammes, which was good enough for four Junior World Records.

Clarence Cummings Jr Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

C. Cummings JR took first place in the -69 kilogramme weight class at the IWF Junior World Weightlifting Championships in both 2016 and 2018.

C. Cummings JR repeated his 2018 success in Suva, this time taking gold at a heavier weight (-73kg). At the 2020 Summer Olympics, held in Tokyo, Japan, he competed in the 73 kg category for men.

C. Cummings JR Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Throughout 2020 and 2021, his wealth has increased dramatically. C. Cummings JR is 21 years old; how much is he currently worth? Weightlifting is a primary source of income for C. Cummings JR. As such, we have calculated our best guess as to C. Cummings JR’scurrent wealth.

Three weightlifters, including C. Cummings JR, attempted to break the Olympic record in the clean and jerk with a weight of at least 198 kilogrammes on Wednesday at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

C. Cummings JR, at age 21, was the youngest of the eight lifters competing in the 73 kg. division at the Tokyo International Forum, thus he decided to “go big or go home.”

C. Cummings JR said, “I knew the bronze medal was on the line in the final clean and jerk, so I had to do whatever it took to get there.” It was that or nothing, and I tried my hardest but failed.

Zhiyong Shi of China, the defending Olympic champion and current world record holder, won the gold medal with a total of 364 kg. Silver went to Venezuela’s Julio Ruben Mayora Pernia, whose 199-pound attempt failed (346 kg. total).

C. Cummings JR placed ninth overall with a total of 325 kg, making him the youngest weightlifter on Team USA since 2000. (145 snatch and 180 clean and jerk). Indonesia’s Rahmat Erwin Abdullah, who competed in the opposite division, won bronze (342 kg. total).


South Carolina is the place where C. Cummings JR’s birth occurred on June 6th, 2000. Youngest athlete ever to compete in the world championships in any weight class; widely regarded as a weightlifting prodigy.

In August of 2015, at the tender age of 15, he won a national title in weightlifting in the United States. Weight Lifter now features C. Cummings JR on bass.


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