B. Burrows Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


American sport shooter B. Burrows was born on February 17, 1988, in Torrance, California. At the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, B. Burrows and Madelynn Bernau won bronze in the mixed trap team event.

He competed in the trap event at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, and came away with the gold medal. Silver was also his for the taking in the mixed trap competition, which he won alongside Rachel Tozier. He competed for Team USA in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Brian Burrows Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

B. Burrows Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On Tuesday, July 30 at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, American competitors B. Burrows and Derek Haldeman took first and second place in the Men’s Trap. The two also qualified for Olympic quotas for the United States to compete in Tokyo in 2020.

Since 2008, the United States has not sent athletes to compete in the Olympic Men’s Trap competition. The United States of America will be sending a complete shotgun squad to the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo, Japan, in 2020 thanks to the efforts of B. Burrows and Haldeman.

So far, Haldeman has missed on four of his 25 attempts, while B. Burrows has failed on five. Through target 35, Haldeman was up by one. But after four missed attempts, B. Burrows took over. B. Burrows won the gold with a three-goal advantage at the end.

B. Burrows Olympic Biography:

As early as the age of eight, B. Burrows was already competing in the American Trap Association (ATA) tournament circuit. Since 2008 and again from 2018 till the current day, he has been a member of the United States of America Shooting National Team.

Even though he was widely regarded as one of the best trap shooters of all time and had won practically every major tournament in the sport. B. Burrows had been out of the game since 2016 until one of his old teachers coaxed him into giving it another go.

B. Burrows has won multiple national titles at the university level, including national champion, All-American. Pan American medalist, national champion thrice, and World Cup medalist twice.

By winning the Pan American Games in 2019, he qualified for the United States Olympic team. B. Burrows has established himself as a successful businessman in addition to his long and illustrious career as a marksman.

Together with his brother Jon, B. Burrows created Ironwood Axe Throwing, a recreational axe throwing venue, in Denton, Texas, in the fall of 2019. Only two American men’s trap shooters have qualified to compete in the Olympics in the past 12 years, and B. Burrows will be one of them.


Chris and Cheri B. Burrows’s son. Owns a single sibling named Jon. Thrice-time skydiver. Purchases motorcycles for use just on travels, then resells them after the trip is over.

I like a wide variety of pastimes, such as fishing, hunting, golfing, surfing, travelling, free diving, spear fishing, archery, constructing fishing rods, camping, and playing guitar.


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