Badminton is a very interesting sport. It is widely popular in Asia. Many people are quite invested in this sport. I personally am a very huge fan of badminton.

It is the most popular in Asia but it is highly popular in Europe too. If you are also a fan of badminton then you have come to the right place.

We don’t know if you want to know about badminton for educational purpose or you simply want to know about it because you plan to start playing soon.

This article has it all. From the basic rules of badminton to the dimensions of the court. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

The Basic Rules of Badminton

Here the basic rules of badminton that everyone wants to know. The rules are set by Badminton World Federation.

We have a basic run down of the same rules listed below. You should remember them by heart.

If you are just doing some research for a book or a report then you probably won’t need to memorize it by heart but if you are preparing to play then you need this.

Badminton Scoring System

All the matches of badminton whether single or double are the best of 3 games. The first side to get 21 points wins the game.

A point is scored on every serve and whoever wins the rally is awarded that point. The winning side gets the next serve.

If there is a draw of 20-20 then a side will win by 2 clear points. If it gets to 29-29 then the first one to reach 30 wins the game.

Winning a Point

A point is won if the shuttlecock hits the ground on the opponent’s side of the court. This includes falling on the lines too.

A point is given if a shot goes outside the court boundaries. It is also given if the shuttlecock touches the net or passes through or under it.

If the player strikes the shuttlecock or birdie twice then also a point is given to the opponent.

The payers must wait for the shuttlecock to reach their side of the court after crossing the net before they can make a shot. If you are touching the net with any part of the body then also you are losing a point.

How to Serve in Badminton?

This is where we get to the technical part. The birdie must be hit below waist level. The players serve diagonally to the opponent’s service box.

It is necessary that both or all the players must remain stationary until the serve is made from either side.

In case of singles, the server serves from the right court. They will serve from that from then on every time they have an even number of points.

This is just the opposite when they have an odd number of points. The serve then serves from the left service court. Each player can serve and retain serving as long as they keep winning points.

In case of doubles, there is bit different set of rules. The server will serve from the right-hand side. They will keep on serving by alternating the side with their teammate.

This means that they can keep on serving as long as they keep on winning more and more points. If their opponent is successful in scoring a point then the serve goes to the opponents.

As the play keeps on going, the player who did not initially serve for each of the team present there will assume the service only when their side has won a point. This point must be won on the receiving end.

Yes, we know that it can be a bit difficult to grasp but have faith in yourself. Try reading the places which you could not understand once more and with more concentration.

What is a Badminton Court’s Dimensions?

There are the different dimensions of the court in different plays. In singles, the dimensions of the court is 13.41m (44ft) long and 5.18m (17ft) wide.

The width extends to 6.1m (20ft) in doubles. The net is 1.55 meters high at the ends and about 1.52 meters high in the middle. The serve must past the short service line.

It is 1.98 metres from the net. Beyond the service line, there is a line through the middle to split the right and left court.

The Badminton Birdie (shuttlecock)

The badminton birdie or the shuttlecock is usually a unique ball of badminton that is made using feathers or some synthetic material that has been attached to the rubber cock.

The shape of the birdie is done in such a way that it will go cock First before it is hit again. It is made up of 16 feathers. The bird is about 70 mm long. It weighs in between 4-5.6 grams.

The tip of the feathers should create a circle with a diameter from 58-62mm, with the cork/rubber base 25-28mm in diameter and rounded at the bottom. This is absolutely necessary.


We hope that this article has been useful for you. We are not saying that this article will make you a pro in badminton.

No that is definitely not the case. There is no short cut to success. You need to practice and practice and that will make you perfect.

Of course, you need to know the ropes and the rules to practice badminton otherwise it will all be in vain. So we are just showing you the right direction to go to.

Now what you do after this information is completely up to you. We just want to say that do not give up and you will be perfect.

Thank you so much for sparing your time and giving this article a read. Keep on practicing for whatever sake you are practicing.


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