A. Nishimura Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Aori Nishimura Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Born on July 31, 2001, A. Nishimura is a regular-footed Japanese professional street skateboarder. At the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, A. Nishimura competed for Japan in the women’s street event.

A. Nishimura began skating at age seven in 2008. She was born in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan. When she was in fifth grade, she entered a tournament hosted by the All-Japan Skateboarding Association and won.

Aori Nishimura Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

She won the World Skateboarding Championship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in January 2019.

This event was hosted by World Skate and Street League Skateboarding (SLS). When compared to Letcia Bufoni, a local favourite, A. Nishimura was far superior, and she ended up with the silver medal.

A. Nishimura Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Once upon a time in Japan, news of A. Nishimura’s 19th birthday and subsequent gold medal win in women’s street skateboarding would have made headlines last week. That’s the scenario everyone hoped would play out for A. Nishimura in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

She’s the reigning queen of Japanese surfing and one of Japan’s best hopes for gold. Afterwards, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The Games have been rescheduled until the summer of 2021, and it is currently unknown when professional skateboarding will resume.

A. Nishimura, a native Tokyoite, began skateboarding at age seven, inspired to do so by her older sister Kotone, who also skates competitively. A. Nishimura proved to be a quick study, as she won a national competition when she was just five years old and competed in her first X Games in 2016 while still in middle school (placed eighth).

A. Nishimura had her breakout season the following year, when she became the first Japanese skateboarder to win the street title at the X Games in Minneapolis. They put her age at 15.

A. Nishimura is Currently on Number 3 in the World for Skateboarding

After finishing third in the 2019 Street League Skateboarding World Championships and placing second at two previous World Skate sanctioned events in China and Brazil last year. Skated A. Nishimura is presently ranked third in the world and first in Japan in the World Skate rankings.

Based on these outcomes, she is a strong contender for a spot in the Tokyo Olympics. Outside of the competition circuit, she has been gaining a following as a core skater on the Deathwish Skateboards squad.

With the help of her agent, Miles Atkinson, we were able to speak with her and ask her questions about her top-three ranking. Her appearance in the newest Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, and how she maintains her composure under intense competition pressure.


20-year-old Since the age of seven, A. Nishimura has been tearing through the streets of the United States on her skateboard. That’s right, seven years old once again. A. Nishimura is the first Asian female to win a gold medal in street skating, and that’s only one of her many accomplishments as a professional skateboarder from Japan.

(A round of applause please). A. Nishimura just represented Japan in the women’s street event at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, and she’s the face of Oakley’s current Sub Zero glasses ad.


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